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              I am a long time fan of Glee. I have watched Glee since its inception. I have bought Glee on Blu-Ray. Glee is probably my television show. The episode aired on January 24th 2013 entitled Sadie Hawkins will be the last episode of Glee I will watch.

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EVE PI for Begineers

Welcome to my PI tutorial for all, take note that Command Center Lvl4 is required for this PI setup but the fundamentals stay the same for any PI setup.

As Robotics is always need we will be using this as our tutorial schematic. Robotics requires 2 planets if you are doing it in Highsec (0.5-1), if you are doing it in Nullsec (0.0) then you only need 1 planet , plasma. Good luck with that, to place Command Center down your alliance/corp has to have Sovereignty and Plasma Plants are a scarce commodity.

To produce Robotics we need Mechanical Parts (Mech Parts) and Consumer Electronics.

All PI schematics can be found on in this document:

We will produce Mech Parts and Consumer Electronics on 2 different Barren planets as the PI raw materials extracted in highsec value is very low.

So first find a Barren Planet in the area close to your home system, this should be quiet easy as they are very numerous. Place Command Centre any where you want to. All PI instructions can take place other than placing Command Center and launching of mats from inside station or POS.

Goto planet view via either selecting planet whiles looking at planet or using Planet menu in Science and Industry tab.

Select scan via and look at at raw material levels avaliable for different materials, in our case Base and Noble Metals. Use slider below Build/Scan button to display raw material levels on planet

White blob shows highest concentration of selected raw metarial, this is obtained by moving slider from left to right.

We now do the same for Noble Metals, as we can see Noble Metals also have a lower concentration of raw materials compared to Base Metals. We cannot always use the highest levels on a planet as we have to take into account the amount of power we will lose when making long links.

So what I do now is put down a LauchPad between the material hot spots.

I am also going to place 2 Basic Industry Facilities, 1 for Reactive metals and 1 for Precious Metals and Advanced Facility to Produce Mech Parts, onto planet and link them all to Launch Pad as per screenshot below. DO NOT LINK UNITS TO ONE ANOTHER OR CREATE SPAGHETTI GRIDS, THIS WASTES POWER

To Produce a product, select basic facility (1), schematic tab (2), Schematic (3) and press Install.

Press Install will place you in the products menu automatically, as you can see product is not routed, Select product (5) and press Create Route (6).

Then click on Launch Pad (8) and select create Route (8).


We now need to move our products (P2) from the launch pad to the Advanced lab. Select Route tab (9) and then select each P2 product and route to the advanced lab, once done press Submit once again.

Quick recap, at this time our Precious and Noble metals are to routed to launch pad and held there until needed, once needed they are routed to Advanced lab, Mech Parts are produced and sent back to launch pad.

Now for the fun part

That was the hard part.

To complete this process, scan and install Extractors for relevant raw materials as explained in the beginning of this tutorial. Route raw materials to relevant Basic facility via launchpad.

Now for the fun part, you the user get to setup the PI on the 2nd barren planet to produce consumer electronics.You are also going to juggle power usage so that you can install an Advanced Facility on either planet to produce Robotics, remembering that your extractors extract every 60mins, your Basic Facility requires 3000 units of raw materials every 30 mins.

If you have problems, comments. You now where to send them to.

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Hello world!

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